• Massages & body treatments

    We offer selected cosmetic and full-body treatments in our Perlmutt SPA on the first floor of the hotel. These treatments are exclusively available to our hotel guests.
    Daytime users of the sauna can choose from the bora Sauna range.

    Body care | ST. BARTH

    LIGNE ST BARTH. The range of creams, lotions and oils combines enjoyment with proven efficacy. The products not only moisturise, but have also been designed to firm the skin and refine the complexion with the scent of the Caribbean. Body care as a balm to benefit the senses.


    Ayurveda Massage - Abhayanga

    A Luxuriously relaxing ayurvedic ritual. Abhyanga is the art of massage with warm healing oils. Abhyanga is known to restore the balance of the doshas organically and enhance the physical. mental and spiritual state of the body through wrapping oneself in ‘Sneha’ which translates to both ‘oil’ and ‘love’.